27 Wearing a Mask

27 Wearing a Mask

Chinese character: 戴
Chinese character: 口
Chinese character: 罩
Chinese character: 載Simplified Chinese: 载
Chinese character: 糞Simplified Chinese: 粪


Wearing a mask in public is not a strange thing in East Asia. People wear masks when it’s cold outside, when they don’t want to spread their germs around, or when they don’t want to get sick.


My mom once went on a tour in Canada. She observed locals looking at her and her friends suspiciously; maybe the looks were because everyone in her group of seniors wore masks due to the cold air.


戴 (dài), wear, like wearing a hat or wearing a mask, is visually similar to 載 (zài), meaning load or carry by a car.


戴 (dài), meaning to wear or to put on, has 田 (tián), meaning field and 共 (gòng), meaning altogether on the lower left-hand side.


載 (zài), meaning to carry or to load, on the other hand, has a car (車, chē).


Wearing a mask can block dirty stuff. So it might be interesting for you to know that the Chinese character for manure, 糞 (fèn), is a stack of 米 (mǐ), meaning rice, 田 (tián), meaning field, and 共 (gòng), meaning altogether. Two of these characters, 田 (tián) and 共, are part of 戴 (dài).

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