28 Haze

28 Haze

Chinese character: 霧Simplified Chinese: 雾
Chinese character: 霾


So air pollution, not 維他命 (wéitāmìng) or 維生素 (wéishēngsù), is the problem in 北京 (běijīng), Beijing.


The must-know word today is 霧霾 (wù mái), meaning haze.


霧 (wù) is fog or mist.


霾 (mái), meaning haze, has 貍 (lí), meaning raccoon, in it. You would think it is pronounced lí; but, no, it’s mái. Don’t ask me why.


By the way, whenever you see a character with 雨 (yǔ), meaning rain, you know it has to do with weather or related things.


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