12 Full of Auspiciousness

12 Full of Auspiciousness

滿門吉祥 (mǎn mén jí xiáng), literally full (滿) door (門) auspicious (吉祥), means full of auspiciousness for the whole family.


祥 (xiáng) consists of 礻 (shì) and 羊 (yáng). Whenever you see 礻 it has something to do with divine or spiritual things. 羊 is a goat or sheep.


Notice that there is another character part, 衤 (yī), that looks almost identical except with two dots on the right side instead of one. Whenever you see a character with 衤 it usually has something to do with clothes.


Learn this to bring good luck to your whole household.

Chinese character: 滿Simplified Chinese: 满
Chinese character: 門Simplified Chinese: 门
Chinese character: 吉
Chinese character: 祥


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