Cyber Monday

It’s named Cyber Monday because many people do their Christmas shopping online the first work day after Thanksgiving. A few year ago we didn’t experience a great increase in sales because our Internet provider was brought down by heavy traffic; as a result few were able to reach our store and complete transactions. Too much of a good thing could be . . . not a good thing.


The Chinese translation for this term is 網購 (Internet shopping) 星期一 (Monday). Monday in Chinese is literally 星期 (week or star and period) 一 (one), meaning the first day of the week.


Chinese character: 網Simplified Chinese: 网
Chinese character: 購Simplified Chinese: 购
Chinese character: 星
Chinese character: 期
Chinese character: 一


How About A Name & Return Address Stamp?

Chinese: 因為許多人會在感恩謝假日後的第一個工作天上網購物,感恩節之後的星期一被慣稱為網購星期一 (Cyber Monday)。



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