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Chinese character: 天
Chinese character: 天
Chinese character: 寫Simplified Chinese: 写
Chinese character: 天
Chinese character: 天
Chinese character: 做


July 27, 2017


Somewhere I read that practicing a musical instrument in private is not the same as performing in public. Performing in front of people and risking embarrassment actually helps one to improve faster and more. Does this apply to writing and other things too?


Almost two years ago in September, I tried to write and post daily, but became sporadic only after a month. It’s not easy for me to stick to a routine.


But I’ve found some inspirations, for example:


When I read Andy Warhol’s, “I Want to be a Machine,” my own interpretation is that he was also struggling to find a creative routine. Is that right? Let me know if it’s not! Additionally, I like The Andy Warhol Diaries. Compared to other books, it’s on the mundane side and full of name-dropping that means very little to me. But I thank Pat Hackett, Warhol’s diarist, for editing and presenting this work, which allows people to peek inside Andy’s life. I think it’ll be much more interesting, to me at least, if I were to get a daily notification or email regarding his diaries on the same day back in 1976 to 1987. Can someone talk to her and the publisher to make it happen? An automatic service like that would be something I’d pay for in addition to the physical book!


Another inspiration comes from Seth’s daily blog. Like clockwork, he posts one entry a day. He executed and perfected on one seemly simple thing that is in reality so difficult and practically impossible for billions of people to do.


Some people are naturally great at sticking to a routine. But I’d really like to hear from those of you who are NOT good at this, but somehow managed to keep a routine. What did you do? What worked for you?


Wood Cake


I’ve been designing and making stackable wooden drawers/boxes to keep my small business card size index cards. My cousin’s birthday is coming up. I know she reads in the morning and posts many handwritten notes and verses around the house, so an idea just came to me that I can make a box for storing daily notes or gratitude lists that says Happy Birthday on top just like a cake. I’ll share the photos with you when it’s done.


Sharing Ideas


I have many ideas that I seem to never find time to do. I also find that I think about the same stuff again and again if I don’t share them or actually make them happen. What’s the value of keeping ideas to myself? Nothing! Several times I shared my ideas and the result was I generated more ideas. So not sharing is actually harmful to me because it hinders new ideas!


Travel Around the World in Fresno


One project idea that I have had for years, but haven’t had time to do is to show that we can experience the world even in our own backyard. I named this project, “Travel Around the World in Fresno” (or fill in the name of your town). The idea is to create a list of say, 20 restaurants or places that represent 20 different regions or cultures. It’s like TripAdvisor or Yelp, but for a particular niche. I hope someone can do it and show us how it’s done with all the nitty-gritty processes and details. Not everyone can afford to travel around the world. And let us get to know each other better in our own area while we dream of someday when we can actually travel around the world.


Daily Writing


So this is my day’s writing. I’m not sure if I can keep this going, but I’ll take it one day at a time and try again tomorrow!


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