Acrylic, Wood, and Doubts

July 28, 2017


I had a productive day yesterday. I printed out yesterday’s log and try to replicate it today. It’ll be hard though because I’ve got other activities that I need to do this afternoon.


Chinese character: 壓
Chinese character: 克
Chinese character: 力
Laser Cutting Acrylic


Yesterday was the first time I laser cut acrylic. I designed a testing sheet with boxes and cut each box using a different parameter. I then picked one that cuts through in the shortest time. It’s tedious, but I can just reuse these numbers once I have the optimized settings.


Then I cut a piece of acrylic with a design from Monday. I also engraved and cut a piece of thin solid alder wood. Then I put them together with metal standoffs. The result was a beautiful retail display for buttons. See the images below. What do you think?



Buttons Display


Several months ago, I made some pins and magnetic buttons and placed them in a local Chinese to-go restaurant to see if people would buy them. I put 25 buttons in a big glass vase from Target. The idea of buttons is to use Chinese restaurants as outlets for “Good Characters,” which some people might find interesting. Additionally, if I issue these buttons regularly like USPS does with postage stamps, I hope that some people might start collecting them. The buttons can also be a literal marketing magnetic item for restaurants because some customers might come back just to see what kind of new buttons they have each week. Anyway, our buttons don’t sell like hot cakes, but some people do buy them. Thinking about this, it turned out that the big vase was not really an ideal display for buttons. People have to dig in and pick out a button one at a time to look at it or to find one that they want. As such, I decided to test a different display. We’ll do the field test and see how it goes in a few weeks.


Chinese character: 木
Chinese character: 盒
Wooden Box for Complete Martial Arts Certificate Stamps Kit


We received our new batch of wooden boxes yesterday from Colorado Heirloom. They’re so beautiful and just what we specified. I’ve met them at a trade show. They’re nice and they do great work.


We’ve made several iterations of this box over the years. The outer dimension has been the same, 15” x 5” x 3”, with square edges like a minimalist Japanese design, but the lid has changed. The latest design has a split lid that is 1” and the bottom box 2”. They are joined by strong magnetics. We’ll personalize the lid with the name of your business or school. It will stick to a metal file cabinet or you can hang it on the wall or it can stand on its own like a traditional name plaque. In other words, this is a box with multiple uses! It’s also solid wood, so you can eventually sand it and refinish it to pass down to the next generation.


I nicked name this box Half Ark because it’s a scaled size of Noah’s Ark (300 cubits in length, 50 cubits in width and 30 cubits in height), but half in length. We’ll have more products that can fill another box so if you buy both you’ll have a full ark. These boxes are designed to safely carry and protect the items inside.


Chinese character: 疑
Chinese character: 慮


I often second-guess myself if I’m writing about something that is important. Just like the principle about brainstorming, focus on quantity and don’t judge. As such, I think I’ll write whatever comes to mind and later when this habit is formed I can then gradually improve the quality. The only thing I won’t talk about is corporate naming projects due to confidentiality. Day 2!


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