Our Holiday Schedule

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2018


November to March is usually a very busy time for us. Not only for products, but for consulting projects as well. I don’t like the holiday stress (I’m sure you don’t, either!), so generally if you’d like to receive your customized or personalized order, such as stamps or embossers, by Christmas, the guaranteed deadline is the end of November. For our pre-made items without personalization, ordering by mid-December should be okay unless we run out of stock or if you are outside of the United States, which takes longer for shipping.


10-year Replacement Program


Last week we learned that a customer lost his home to fire and the fridge magnet button we sent him, along with a Master Stamp, was melted. He wondered if we could send him another button. Yes, of course!


Over the years I’ve been sorry to hear that a few customers have lost their stamps due to theft, flood, or fire. We have a 10-year replacement program that gives you a good discount for ordering a replacement due to loss, theft, or any other reason.


As for our customer’s button, we’re happy to replace it for no cost at all.


Holiday Gift-giving


If you’re sending gifts to Chinese relatives, friends, or business associates, you probably already know the typical no nos, such as not giving clocks (you want me to die? because “giving a clock” in Mandarin sounds identical to burying or attending someone’s funeral), knives or scissors (you want to cut off our relationships?), or towels (white towels are usually given out at the end of funerals). Not everyone is bothered by taboos, but it’s good to know to be “safe” unless you know the person well.


Also, try not to give things that are made in China! I know, don’t people in China give things made in China all the time? But for something coming from overseas to recipients in China, foreign—not Chinese—is perceived as better.


Things we make at Good Characters are unique (I try not to make anything that’s been made elsewhere unless we do a much better job) and made right here in California. One of our goals is to design and create new products inspired by Eastern Asian arts and make them in the U.S. I think the fusion of multiple arts and cultures can produce new and more interesting things.




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