Custom Designed Martial Arts Certificates

Posted: May 22, 2018


Just like official currency and important documents have security micro printing, we incorporate your name as fine print into your custom martial art certificates to be treasured as official while also preventing counterfeiting.



In the example above, the tiny printing at the bottom of the certificate below the master’s signature is nice and clear as the result of our special design and printing method. Typical digital printers cannot produce small print in such a clear manner as we do.


The best thing is that the quality and distinct certificates we custom make for you cost less, as a whole, than the common “me-too” digitally printed ones others sell.


You really don’t want to issue a certificate that looks like something anyone can pay a few bucks to buy online. Such certificates diminish the value of your training, especially when you’re not even saving money at all.


You can complete the certificates by hand or use a printer. We’ll provide a custom-designed fillable PDF template just for you that you can easily complete, precisely and consistently, using your computer or iPad.


We can also make you a fillable PDF template with the text for your certificate so you can fill in the unique information and then print the certificates.


In addition, we can design and print your custom certificates in such a way that they fulfill multiple purposes—as certificates, letterhead, and other award certificates. Each sheet will have the logo, background, watermark, and tiny security printing.


paper clip


Above: You really have to use a high-powered magnifier to see these even smaller texts added to the logo. Such text is secure, subtle, and not distracting. Color copiers cannot reproduce such tiny print.


Email us if you’d like us to design a custom martial arts certificate for your school or organization:

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