Three Scenarios

We’ve created three typical characters who use martial arts certificates. They represent three different types of martial arts school owners, and they have different needs for their schools. These characters are composites of our clients, and the scenarios are common situations many of our clients encounter. Which one are you most like?


Master Lisa—Co-owner of a large martial arts school

Lisa and her husband own the second largest martial arts school in town. They have 200 students and the school is growing. To keep the momentum going and possibly become the number one in town, they decided to improve the visual image of their school. One way to do this is to redesign their certificates. To separate themselves from the top competitor and other me-too schools, they are going to need something truly unique. Because they are extremely busy, they need something easy to personalize.

Certificate Goal: To have the best certificates in town so the school can become the best school in town.


Sifu Ed—Owner of a small martial arts school

Ed started his martial arts school five years ago. It’s been slowly growing but faces increasing competition. Other martial arts schools have sprung up in the same neighborhood, and more and different types of activities are available that draw people’s attention away from martial arts. He has been using standard certificates from a national association he belongs to. But he starts to think he might prefer to be independent. Ed needs to build his own brand. Where does he start?

Certificate Goal: To differentiate oneself and attract new students.


Sensei Frank—A karate instructor who volunteers to teach for free

Frank teaches karate at the YMCA for free. He knows this is one thing he can do to mentor young people and help them to succeed. He himself grew up without a positive role model until Sensei Han took him as his student at age 10 and encouraged him to learn. That was 20 years ago. Sadly, Sensei Han passed away two years ago. Since then, Frank has been volunteering his time, following in the footsteps of his Sensei. He doesn’t have a big budget, but he wants something tangible and unique that will motivate his students to stay in the class.

Certificate Goal: To motivate students so they will continue to learn and grow.