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Guaranteed Good Characters

Popular among individuals who simply love Asian characters.

This package offers the transliteration of your name into Japanese katakana.

For you who want your name in Korean hangul.

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Personal Brand Packages: When You Need the Best

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Good Characters has created Chinese names for thousands of individuals, artists, and entrepreneurs since 2001.

Chinese character: 正

Guaranteed good characters

Chinese character: 順

Inspired by your name and personality

Chinese character: 成

Create a personal brand in China

Satisfaction guaranteed Yes Yes Yes
Lifetime support Yes Yes Yes
Expert translation Yes Yes Yes
Name canidate(s) 1 3 As many as needed
Naming choices Yes Yes
Name matched to distinctive traits or interests of individual Yes Yes
Transliterated name Yes Yes Yes
Han-styled name Yes Yes
Standard image files Yes Yes Yes
Vector image files Option Yes Yes
Traditional Chinese Yes Yes Yes
Simplified Yes Yes Yes
Pronunciation files Option Yes Yes
Basic naming report Yes Yes Yes
In-depth naming report Yes Yes
Mandarin evaluation Yes Yes Yes
Taiwanese evaluation Yes Yes Yes
Cantonese evaluation Yes Yes
Shanghainese evaluation Yes
Japanese evaluation Yes
Korean evaluation Yes
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