A matching alder wood storage box is included to keep the stamp clean and secure. Both stamp and box are nicely finished with durable clear coating.

Item Number Dojo-2525
Imprint Length 2.50 inches (64 mm)
Imprint Width 2.50 inches (64 mm)
Length 2.63 inches (67 mm)
Width 2.63 inches (67 mm)
Height 2.63 inches (67 mm)
Net Weight 15.0 ounces (425 grams)
Shipping Weight 3 pounds (1.4 kg)

Product Comparison

Other companies offer carved stone chops. To help you make informed purchase decisions, we provide the following comparison between these products and our self-inking stamps.

Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
Satisfaction guaranteed plus a 10-year replacement program: Receive a new identical stamp for 50% off the list price in the event of any damage sustained to the original stamp, regardless of the reason. Get 25% off for reorder—due to loss or theft of original stamp or any other reason. Non-refundable. No product guarantee is offered.
Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
Highly detailed designs with sharp, clear, and even impressions. Will not chip like the older style stone chop, thanks to its high-impact construction. Guaranteed translations by Good Characters professional team that specializes in Chinese naming. Eye-catching stone shapes and designs from which to select. Uniquely hand carved.
Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
The stamp is housed in a modern European-crafted stamp casing. Self-inking stamps cannot be registered by residents of Japan or Taiwan as official seals. Special ink for stone chop takes a long time to dry. Carved by unknown artists, questionable translations, and disproportional characters often seen. Drop it once and it could chip.
Bottom Line
Stamps by Good Characters Typical Carved Stone Chops
Combining Asian tradition and modern innovation, stamps made by Good Characters are authentic yet highly usable. If you are looking for a daily-use, heavy-duty business stamp then this is for you. If you need to stamp 200 invitation cards in a hurry then this is definitely for you, too. Difficult to get sharp and clear impressions on today's paper, the stone chop is more for display than actual usage. If you want something that looks attractive but does not need to be practical, this one is for you.